May 26 2015

Cross Check Part 1

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Tom Faulk and Paul Canon star in this great college flick, made by especially for ‘Big Dicks At School.’ Do you remember your college days? Or are you still in college? Have you ever fancied your roommate and wondered what it would be like to have full on man to man sex with him? Has he ever seen you, not just naked, but with a raging hard on? College days are the best days of our lives and, while there, we should try everything, and everyone.

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Tom Faulk looks like a typical college dude; he has blonde floppy hair, and cheeky green eyes. He also looks like he could happily skip a class and go surfing with mates. He has an athletic build with plenty of coloured tattoos. He is also one of’s exclusive hot models, and is ready for anything and anyone. College guys would go, and do go, crazy for him. Tom has starred in forty eight hardcore movies for which include ‘College John parts 1 and 2,’ which also star Vance Crawford, Johnny Rapid and Jack King. Tom is versatile with a seven inch cut dick, a tight ass, is five foot eleven inched high and weighs 180 pounds.
Paul Canon is another good looking young man with long brown hair and brown eyes. He is a cool looking dude with a lean smooth body and a couple of tattoos. He is a versatile top with a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot ten and weighs 160 pounds. He has been in only two other flicks for so far and they were ‘Bear Weekend parts 2 and 4’ which ended up in a great big orgy.
It’s college time and we watch as Paul Cannon gets ready for a sport practice. He spends a while getting all his gear on, and then Tom Faulk comes in, already dressed up in his kit, and tells Paul that the game has been cancelled. As both boys are already in their outfits they decide to go and practice by themselves anyway. Paul lies on the grass and asks Tom to ‘spot’ him. Tom says okay, and comes and holds one of Paul’s legs as he does some sit-ups. Paul notices Tom has a boner and mentions it, Tom shrugs and admits that he has.

What’s wrong with that? Paul finds it a bit weird but admits that it’s not like he hasn’t thought about having sex with Tom before. Tom suggests they go back to their room, and Paul can’t agree fast enough.
As soon as they are in the room they strip naked, well, down to their white jockstraps. Paul lies down with his back against the bed where Tom kneels down and sucks and strokes on Paul’s hard dick. Paul closes his eyes and fondles his own nipple as he is getting the best blowjob of his life so far. Tom stands up and Paul sits up on the edge of the bed, and sucks noisily on Tom’s leaking hard on, massaging his dangling ball sack as he does so. Tom gently groans and slowly fucks Paul’s handsome young face.

Tom want more; his ass is itching for something big and needs it scratched. He gets on the bed on his hands and knees as Paul stands behind him and drills his tight asshole with his condom-covered college dick. The bed creaks and rocks as they carry on fucking like crazy, and all they can think about are the awesome sensations traveling through their dicks and assholes.
Tom Faulk lies on his back, his feet up and behind him, getting fucked like the slut he is. He is loving the feeling of Paul Canon’s big hard dick banging away inside him, bringing his cock closer to the edge by the second. Both men jerk on their cocks in one mad frenzy and spurt their hot juicy cum over Tom’s ravished body at the same time.

Paul leans over and kisses Tom on the lips and admits that he’s been waiting forever for this great fuck. I get the feeling that this won’t be the last time we see them getting it on with each other; they make a great hot and horny couple!

Apr 22 2015

Str8 To Gay: Peeping Tom Part 2

Posted by admin in Andy Banks, Str8 to gay, Tom Faulk have come up with yet another great fantasy and given it to ‘Str8 To Gay’ for your enjoyment. are top of their business and leaves others in the shade, they are continually coming up with new ideas how to turn us on, all with great sound and a perfect picture. This hardcore movie stars Andy Banks and Tom Faulk.
This is Andy Banks fourth flick with, his last one was called The Apartment part 2’, where he gets his ass drilled by Troy Phillips, and was first shown in February 2015. Andy is very good looking with a smooth well-toned body. He is versatile with an eight inch cut dick. He has black hair and has brown smiley eyes.
Tom Faulk is a hot exclusive to and is in high demand everywhere. He is sexy and young with a good hard body full of wonderful tattoos. He has blonde hair, sparkling green eyes and is five foot eleven. He is very versatile and has a seven inch cut dick, and a nice tight asshole which loves to be fucked long and hard. He has been in forty five hardcore flicks for so far, with no sign of slowing down. He just gets better and better with each one. His first flick with was called ‘The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear Part 2’, which also stars Hunter Page. You can see more of his great movies, and many others like him, anytime you want to once you have signed up to You won’t be disappointed when you do.
Peeping Tom Part 2
In this naughty flick Tom Faulk is acting strangely in the street; he is spying on someone, but we don’t see who it is as yet. He crouches low and quickly moves down the street. We see him open a gate and go into someone’s back garden. He looks up into a window and we see Andy Banks stripping off his clothes. Tom gets excited as he carries on watching Andy get totally naked, and then lie on the bed. Andy has a big erection and starts to jerk his cock in his hand. Tom opens his own pants and jerks his own cock in time with Andy. Andy turns his head and sees Tom looking through the window. He jumps off the bed and runs to the window asking Tom what on earth he is doing. Andy gets annoyed and pulls him in to the bedroom through the open window. He is even more shocked to see Tom’s pants open, and realizes he has been jerking off as he was watching him. Feeling embarrassed, Andy covers himself up and tells Tom that he is straight. They talk for a while and Tom manages to persuade Andy to let him suck on his cock.

Andy stands up and shoves his cock straight into Tom’s hungry mouth, and fucks his soft lips. Andy quickly realizes how good it feels to have another man suck on his cock and continues face fucking him, letting his balls smack against Tom’s chin. Andy likes it so much he can’t wait to fuck Tom’s sexy ass.
Tom gets on the bed with his head down and his ass high up in the air. Andy slides his cock all the way in and starts drilling his hole as deep as he can go. Tom tells him that straight guys fuck so good, and Andy smacks his ass and fucks him harder and faster doggy style.

He gets Tom to lie on his back and he pounds his asshole as fast as he can. Tom can’t stop moaning with pleasure and spills his cum over his ravished body. Andy Banks pulls his cock out and, after jerking on it a couple of times, empties his ball sack of his own churned up spunk, all over tom Faulk’s cum-covered body.
Andy remembers his girlfriend will be home soon and gets Tom to get out quickly. Typical straight!

Apr 07 2015

Down Low Part 5

Five men, five loads of cum, and a lot of sweet tasting cock in this production for the very best ‘Jizz Orgy’
It’s a hot day down on the farm and the hard working men have got a little time away from work. They are not really too sure what to do with themselves as they sit outside. Two of the men decide to have a wrestling match to see which one is the leader. The winner tells everyone they’re all going to have a good old fashioned orgy. Nobody complains. Well would you with these handsome hunks?
Talking of hunks, the five studs in this hardcore flick are: Tom Faulk who has been in 42 movies with the gay men website so far, including ‘Down Low part 4.’ He has blonde hair, cheeky green eyes and he loves to be versatile when it comes to sex. You could say, he loves having his cock and eating it.

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Johnny Forza is another blonde with green eyes. He has got a very athletic body with a smooth washboard stomach. He says he is a top, but in ‘Down Low Part 3’ he gets his asshole fucked by Jason Maddox. He is six foot with a lovely eight inch cut dick.
Jason Maddox has been in four of the five Down Low series of movies, including the very first one, and so far, these are the only ones he has done with for gay men, but I am sure he will be in plenty more. He has a seven inch cut dick and has brown hair and brown eyes.
Brenner Bolton, the other original star to this great series has also been in four of these flicks, and only one other. ‘Before My wife Gets Home’, where he gets his ass drilled by the hunky tattooed Sebastian Young. He has brown hair with soft and playful Hazel eyes. He is versatile with a six and a half uncut cock.
The final member of this awesome orgy is young Dakota Wolfe. This is his first video with hot gay men and is welcomed in true hardcore style. He loves to work out but still has that young pup look about him. He has ‘come to bed eyes’ which are hazel, and brown hair. He has a cut seven and a half inch dick, and loves getting a big cock deep inside his tight hot ass.

This is a must for anybody who has ever wondered what cowboys do when they are out in the wild left to their own devices.
Dakota Wolfe and Brenner Bolton set the scene well. They are the first ones to get on their knees and take turns sucking on Tom Faulk’s, Jason Maddox’s, and Johnny Forza’s hard cocks.
Brenner then gets on his hands and knees and gets Jason to eat his asshole out whilst the other three get naked and stroke their cocks as they watch the other two right in front of them. Brenner gets more excited and Jason slides his cock into his now wet ass with his stiff cock. Young Dakota doesn’t waste any more time and gets on his knees again as he continues getting their cocks coated in his saliva. Tom decides he now wants a bit of Brenner’s ass and swaps places with Jason who goes over to the slut-pup Dakota. (I hope you’re keeping up with this!)
Whilst Brenner still on his hands and knees with one cock up his ass, Johnny goes over to him and shoves his cock in his mouth. Brenner tries to moan out with pleasure, but Johnny’s cock chokes him.
Still wearing his riding boots, Dakota climbs on top of Jason’s cock and begins bouncing up and down on it, taking his first cock deep in his ass for The others stop what they are doing, and come to stroke their own cocks as they watch and then take their turns fucking him as well; meanwhile, Brenner gets fucked by Jason once again.
A great cum-fest happens next as they all take turns in shooting their young hot spunk all over Brenner’s and Dakota’s happy smiling faces. It’s a fantastic fuck-fest with real-life-looking cowboys; it’s the thing that dreams are made off.

Mar 09 2015

The Straight Man Part 4

If it’s hardcore gang banging you want, you have come to the right place. ‘Jizz Orgy’ brings you man-on-man on man-on-man with plenty of hard, musky bodies and stiff cocks. It’s time to get your hankies out and start rubbing yourself up and down because by the end of this you are almost guaranteed to pop your cork. So, sit down, undo those pants and get yourself comfortable, you are in for one hell of a ride.

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‘The Straight Man, part 4’ stars four of the horniest men around including Tom Faulk who is already quite a legend, and who is exclusive to Tom has got blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. He is five foot eleven and is versatile with a seven inch cut cock and a tight fuckable ass. He has been in forty four hardcore movies for so far which include, ‘Bump Parts 1, 2 and 3’ which stares a whole host of different men, and, ‘Men For Sale Part 3’ where he gets bent over and fucked hard by daddy figure, Dirk Caber and Jarec Wentworth; a movie which has been seen by well over 30,000 men.


Also starring in this hot and horny cum-fest is good looking Jared Summers who is in his first flick with Jared has a muscular tattooed body with a seven inch cut cock. He loves nothing better than having a tight asshole wrapped around his forever hard dick. He has brown hair and cheeky brown eyes, and is five foot ten.
Eli Hunter is another good looking man who loves to work out and is addicted to sex, he just doesn’t care where, or with whom, as long as he’s getting it life is good for him. Eli is a top with a seven and a half inch cut dick. He has short cropped brown hair with blue eyes and is five foot seven inches, and weighs 165 pounds.
This movie also stars Conner Halstead (it’s a gang bang after all) who was also in the first episode with Tom Faulk in ‘The Straight man.’ Actually, he was also responsible for taking Tom’s virginity in the first episode whilst Tom’s gay fathers were downstairs having a great fuck-fest themselves. Conner has that boy next door image and is six foot one with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a versatile top with a seven and a half inch uncut dick. This young man looks innocent to the eye but, in real life, this young dude is a real party animal.


The movie starts with Eli Hunter talking to Tom Faulk on the couch. Eli is a good family friend and is worried that Tom really does believe that he is straight, even though he has already had sex with Conner Halstead in episode one. Tom’s dad is also very worried that he is straight and has asked Eli to have a word with him about it. Tom tries to defend himself as he is getting fed up with people being worried about him. Eli tells him that he has invited a couple of friends around and that Tom needs to open up a little bit, and for him to give it a go. Tom reluctantly agrees.
Eli Hunter takes control of the whole thing and tells the good looking Jared Summers to go on over and start sucking on Tom’s cock. Jared jumps at the chance and is between his legs within seconds. Whilst Jared is devouring Tom’s already hard cock Eli starts to suck on Conner Halstead’s dick next to them.
As Tom carries on getting his cock sucked, Eli bends over and gets Conner to rim his tight, eager crack. Tom watches with excitement as Conner stands up and slides his cock straight into Eli’s aching asshole. Tom is turned on by watching these two men fuck like rabbits right in front of him. Even though Tom still says he is straight he wants a piece if Eli’s ass. He goes over to him and moans out with pleasure as he now fucks Eli’s tight gay ass.


As these two get it together Jared sits on Conner’s dick behind them and the room fills with the sounds of man flesh slapping against man flesh as sweat pours down their pounding hard bodies in one great orgy.
Tom Faulk kneels down and strokes on his own cock as the three other men stroke on theirs until they all shoot sizzling hot spunk all over his smooth chest.
At the end, with hot spunk still dribbling down his chest, Tom smiles and agrees to no more talk about him being a hetero. He has at long last been persuaded – in the best way ever – that he really is a gay man after all.

Feb 24 2015

Bump! Part 1

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and that’s one of the reasons we like Big Dicks At School. This site, and others from the gay men network, is always adding new and hot guys to its cast list. This time, in at the start of a new series, we have Owen Michaels making his first appearance for the hottest site from the hottest network. He’s a cut top with an eight inch dick, and he’s got two identical tattoos on his upper body; two stars. Does that mean this new boy at the college of cock is only going to get a two star rating? We’ll have to watch the scene and find out.
tom faulk
It’s called Bump (part one) and also features relative newcomer Colt Rivers and the 27th appearance from horny blonde boy Tom Faulk. It starts off outside the college on the handball court where Owen and Tom are practising when Colt comes along to give some tips. These are fit, smooth, sexy guys, but soon it’s time to call it a day and hit the showers. Owen, stocky and cute in an innocent, amateur kind of way, is clearly turned on by the sight of Tom stripping down before his shower. He does that hot thing where he grabs his cock through his shorts as he looks the other guy up and down. Tom catches on and very soon the two sportsmen are getting it together right there in the locker room.

Owen earns his first star by working Tom’s cock with his lips and mouth, sucking his shaft right down and deep-throating him, making Tom groan in pleasure. The guys move to the shower and the sucking continues. Water runs down over Owen’s sweet lips as he slides his mouth up and down over that shaft. At the same time he’s now naked, wet and hard, and is sliding his own wet fingers up and down his thick cock. A cock the Tom is keen to have a blow on and so gets down on his team mate. This oral dream goes on under the shower for glorious minute after glorious minute until Tom lets our new top-on-the-block into his ass.

Judging by the sounds Tom is making, Owen earns his second star from the way he fucks ass. It feels so good for Tom he lets him fuck him up against the wall and then over on his back on the locker room bench. Owen has him upside-down when we pull back to reveal that Colt is now naked in the passageway and stroking his own boner. There’s a wonderfully voyeuristic feel to the end of this scene and the cum shots. And it is in the final cum shot the Owen earns his other three stars (you’ll see). This new guy gives a five star performance for sure and the scene itself scores top marks from me. Check out more gay men videos at

Feb 12 2015

The Straight Man Part 1

‘Str8 To Gay’ is proud to bring you another great movie starring the hunky stud Tom Faulk. For those of you who don’t know Tom, here is your chance to find out more about him. He works exclusively for and is in hot demand all over the place. Being versatile gives him plenty of work in this industry especially with his horny tight ass and seven inch cut dick. He has blonde hair and cheeky green eyes. He likes to work out, and people like to watch him work out too. So far to date, Tom has been in 43 movie scenes with Starting with ‘The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 2’ with Hunter Page back in July 2013 which has had an amazing 32,434 views so far. He also starred in ‘He Got Hot’ with Johnny Rapid, another exclusive actor for, which also had over 30,000 views.

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In this hardcore flick, Tom Faulk meets up with Conner Halstead. Unlike Tom, who is a known and seasoned porn actor, this is Conner Halstead’s introduction to the Str8 To Gay company. Just from looking at this cute young man, you just know he is going to do well. He has short cropped blond hair with baby blue eyes. He is a versatile top and has a lovely athletic body. He is six foot one with a seven and a half inch cock. He, like Tom, does have the most beautiful tight ass to lick, finger and fuck.

Tom Faulk is sitting playing his computer game, his gay dad comes in and tells him he is worried about him, and that isn’t it about time that he goes outside and meets a nice man? He is worried that Tom might actually like girls. ‘We hope not!’ I hear you all shout. Tom isn’t happy and walks out on him. Tom’s dad talks it over with his husband who tells him he knows of someone he thinks would get on really well with Tom, and they invite him around for dinner on a blind date.

Conner Halstead arrives and they all sit down for dinner. The dads try really hard to get these handsome young men together eventually suggesting that the boys go upstairs to Tom’s bedroom so that they can get to know each other better. In the bedroom they sit on the bed, and Tom admits to Conner Halstead that he is worried he may be hetero. Conner is more than surprised; he has never met a hetero before. (I love the concept of this new and exciting parallel world.) Tom then shocks Conner even more by saying he’s still a virgin. Conner is pleased; he knows there’s still time to save this poor man before he dips his wick into the other team. He suggests that Tom sits on the edge of the bed, and lets him suck on his cock, and to see how he feels about this. Tom agrees to this. (‘Yeah!! There is a god after all!’ I hear you shout.)
Tom Faulk pulls his pants down to his ankles and leans back resting his weight on his hands. Conner goes between his naked thighs and takes Tom’s virgin cock into his mouth. Conner knows what he is doing, and very quickly gets that sweet tasting dick hard in his wet mouth. Tom likes the feel of Conner’s hot mouth sliding all the way up and down his whole length. They get naked and Conner carries on giving Tom his first blow job.

Conner is the one in charge and tells Tom to suck on his cock. Tom worries that it won’t be so good, but takes Conner’s seven and a half inch dick into his mouth. One sniff of Conner’s cock makes him hungry for more. With greedy lips he devours it all the way to the back of his throat. Conner gets excited, especially when Tom takes his hairy balls into his mouth, one at a time.
Conner Halstead lies on his back and lifts his knees up letting Tom taste his musky crack. Tom Faulk doesn’t need to be told what to do now; he knows what he wants. He licks, and probes his asshole, getting it soaked with his saliva. Putting a condom on, he slides his cock all the way in, losing his virginity in that one second, and enjoying every minute.
Conner shoots his cum all over his smooth body as Tom carries on fucking him in different positions, until he can no longer hold back himself and shoots his all over Conner’s cute young face. Tom Faulk is a happy man, and so is Conner Halstead, knowing he has saved Tom from a fate worse than death.

Jan 30 2015


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‘Awakening from ‘Gods Of Men’ is one of those sweet kinds of hardcore movies. It’s how most of us would like to be woken up; with your lover by your side with a sweet smile… and a raging hard on, especially if that lover happens to be Tom Faulk or Logan Blake.

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This is Logan Blake’s debut movie with He has a real God’s body, and looks as if he spends a lot of time in the gym. He has short cropped brown hair with sparkling green eyes. He is six foot tall with a seven inch, cut, cock. He says he is a versatile top, but as this is his first movie, we have yet to see his assed being pierced. He is most certainly somebody you would love to wake up to next to.

Tom Faulk, on the other hand, is becoming quite an old hand at this, even though he is still young and still looks as fresh, and as cute, as when he first started in the industry. Tom Faulk has been in 41 different flicks so far. For those new to this particular ‘best sites in porn’ scene: Tom’s most recent two movies are ‘Down Low part 4’ with Brenner Bolton and Jason Maddox, and ‘Morning Bliss’, where Tom fucked the sweet-tight ass of Mike De Marko. He has blond hair, green eyes, is versatile and has a seven inch cut cock. He is a dream kind of guy with a smooth chest, and a few tattoos. (You can tell we like him!)
So, the movie starts with these two good looking men waking up in bed next to each other. Tom Faulk looks up into Logan Blake’s green eyes and smiles seductively up at him. Logan smiles back and they start to kiss. Tom’s hand strokes Logan’s hard cock through the small briefs he is wearing. Their kissing becomes more passionate and Tom kneels up and positions himself between Logan’s powerful thighs. Pulling his briefs off, he bend over and takes Logan’s morning glory straight into his willing and open mouth. Tom spits on his cock and rubs it up and down all over his pierced ball sack.

Logan returns the favour by kissing Tom’s smooth chest and working his way down. He massages Tom’s balls his warm hand and takes his cock all the way to the back of his throat. Better things follow in this great scene; Tom pulls his legs up and we get a close up as Logan sucks one ball at a time between his wet lips. Tom turns over as Logan now spits between those muscular golden globes and darts his tongue deeper and deeper into his tight crack. Logan then kisses him all the way up his back as he easies his condom covered cock into his tight fuckable asshole.
Sweat pours down their foreheads and then down their hot bodies as Logan Blake fucks Tom Faulk’s sweet ass in different positions before Tom lies on his back and spreads his legs. They carry on kissing even when Logan’s hard cock is deeply fucking him until they can’t hold back any longer. Tom Faulk jerks his cock faster and faster, biting on to his lip he sends his jizz flying onto his chest and stomach. Logan Blake pulls his cock out of Tom’s ass, and just after a few strokes, his body physically jerks and his jizz spurts out, joining Tom’s all over his stomach. Like I said, definitely the best way in the world to wake up.

Jan 22 2015

Morning Bliss

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If you need a good wake up call, this movie from ‘Gods Of Men’ might be just what you need.
Imagine: you wake up, and your new boyfriend is just waking up too. It’s a beautiful day, so, still half-awake, you go half undressed into the living room. The sun is shining through the windows, and it’s your day off work. You hear your new boyfriend come into the room and he puts his arms around your naked torso. Sexual energy fills the room, and your heart beats ten times faster, you can already feel your cock begin to rise.

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This a great fantasy! Now, just imagine that your new boyfriend is the five foot eleven, blonde haired, and blue eyed stud Tom Faulk, or you could be Tom Faulk, and you are the one putting your arm around the very hot, hairy and horny Mike De Marko.
Both these men are good looking and have starred in loads of pornos for ‘Gods Of Men’ already. Tom Faulk has shown how versatile he can be by starring in thirty nine hardcore movies so far, including getting his hard ass fucked in ‘Daddy’s workplace’ Parts 1 and 4. Then he fucked Jake Mathew’s ass with his seven inch dick like a madman in ‘Before My Wife Gets home Part 2,’ and then Ricky Decker’s ass in ‘School trip.’ He has been busy!

Mike De Marko is already a legend even though he is still young. He has starred alongside many of the big names in the porn industry together with Johnny Ryder in ‘Secret Meeting’ where Mike De Marko got his ass well and truly fucked as he stood against a wall, still wearing his business suit. He is also in ‘The office slut 1,2 and 3’ where he got his fit butt drilled by Conner Maguire, Jimmy Johnson and the handsome Tyler Hunt. So he’s been busy too.
With two big names with lots of movies behind them, you just know all horny things are going to go rampant in this great production, and they certainly do.
Mike De Marko turns around and kisses Tom Faulk full on the lips. Tom is turned on straight away and pulls Mike’s shorts down around his knees as he gets down and sucks his cock. You can tell how much Mike is enjoying it by the look on his face, and the noises he makes. A great close up shows Mikes cock covered in his spittle.

After sucking on Tom’s hard cock Mike turns around and bends over the back of the couch. Tom slaps his ass gently a couple of times before he goes where we would all like to go, and that’s with his tongue deeply implanted between those golden globes onto that sweet tasting crack of his.
Tom Faulk slides his cock into Mike’s soaking ass hole and it doesn’t take long before they are fucking each other in unison, matching stroke for stroke. They change positions and we get an amazing close up shot of Tom’s cock sinking slowly into Mike De Marko’s now slack fuck hole. These two look so natural together and it’s as if they have even forgotten the cameras are there. Check out the look of lust on their faces as they ride each other in different positions.

Tom stands next to Mike and strokes his cock until his jizz flies out and lands over Mike’s shoulders, his chin and his chest. Mike De Marko looks sexier than ever as he strokes on his own cock and shoots his pearly white jizz all over his flat furry stomach.
Let’s hope that these two handsome men don’t have to take another forty movies before we see them back together again.

Jan 12 2015

Tour Of Duty Part 5

Porn star Tom Faulk is pretty evenly matched when it comes to setting him up against Topher DiMaggio, at least he is in terms of experience. Tom started off, with, back in 2013 and has since made 33 scenes for them, so he appears pretty regularly on the network. His first movie had the unlikely title of ‘Tales of the traveling underwear, part three’, and his latest movie is also a ‘part’ though this time it’s ‘Tour of Duty part five.’ And in it he appears with Topher DiMaggio.

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Now, Topher has made 44 scenes for the company and started off there in 2012, so you could say Topher has the upper hand on Tom. But I still say they are evenly matched, Tom is versatile and often plays bottom, so here he can easily play power-bottom to Topher’s usual top. Topher DiMaggio has an eight and a half inch cut dick with which to pound the ass off Tom, but Tom matched up nicely with a seven inch boner; but who is counting inches when there is so much else to see in this hot scene?

It opens in the same bunker where the other four military themed scenes have taken place, and where the guys are being ordered to get ready move out. The Sarge has already left, leaving the two younger soldiers to hang out and wait to see what happens next, and it is not long before sex starts to rear its wonderful head. Within minutes the guys are kissing, and feeling each other up through their camouflage gear. The tops come off, revealing smooth chests, muscled bodies, and Faulk’s tattoos. Topher is already hard in his pants so Tom gets down and releases his eight and half incher, gripping it tough and hard and working it into his mouth where Topher face-fucks him mightily.

The two soldiers strip some more, but keep some of their gear on, which makes this hot scene even hornier, and some hard sucking takes place from both guys. But Topher wants a bottom guy to be a bottom guy and gets Tom down on the camp bed, his legs in the air, his boots still on and, with his long cock poking out through the fly of his army pants he fucks Faulk’s ass like there was no tomorrow. He makes good use of that willing ass in many ways through the next ten minutes of the scene and the bunker soon rings out to the sounds of two hunks shooting their loads.

Tour Of Duty (5) is another great scene and brings us to sizzling performances; one from the blonde and studly Tom and the other from the dark and handsome Topher DiMaggio. It’s another scene from Drill My Hole that you won’t want to miss.

Dec 23 2014

Tom Faulk breaks in Diego Vena

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Str8 To Gay start off their latest scene in an office, a kind of mix between their usual Str8 To Gay style and The Gay Office. Mind you, both top sites fall under the same company banner, as you know, so that’s no great surprise. It also starts off with the dark, tanned and horny Diego Vena typing away at his computer. After a moment there’s a knock at the door and Tom Faulk arrives, having boked an appointment with what seems to be his councillor. Tom’s your all American guy next door type, well, kind of guy next door who’s grown up a bit and seen something of the world. Dusty blonde, fit and chunky, a jock who’s moving towards being more of a muscle stud than your usual guy from down the street.

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Point is, he’s a good contrast to Diego Vena, and both of them seem to hit it off in terms of on-screen chemistry as the scene gets underway proper with some dialogue. Ah ha, it sounds like a marital guidance session as Tom, the straight guy, starts to explain that things aren’t working out with his wife and he is not getting enough sex. So, his advisor, Diego, has a think about it and says that his advice to a straight man who is not having enough sex is to have sex with another str8 to gay guy. What?! Tom’s a bit uncertain and slightly outraged about this suggestion, but if you’re getting dick sucked by another guy than it is not officially counted as cheating on your wife. Trust me I’m a… whatever Diego is.

So Tom agrees and Diego Vena gets down on his knees and undoes the straight guy’s pants. His cock is not hard as yet so some playful sucking, some good lip work and a few seconds later and Tom Faulk is as hard as a hard thing on Hard Thing Day, and settling into this new experience nicely. Diego pulls his pants right down and Tom puts his head back, going with it, enjoying the heat of another man’s mouth around his cock, his eyes closed, perhaps imagining that this is his wife. He gets so comfortable that he strips off his top, and throws off his trousers completely while allowing Diego Vena to strip down as well. He soon gets back to work on Tom’s cut seven inches taking it all in, right down to his balls, and we’re right in there in close-up; it is like being right there on the couch with these guys.
Tom Faulk gets persuaded to suck man cock. He’s there, this straight guy, going down on Diego Vena’s dick and deep throating it like he knew how to suck a cock all his life. He gets into it, hot and sweaty, and is now wound up and ready for anything . And that’s when he gets to move up a notch and fuck the ass off Diego Vena. He can hardly believe that this is what he’s being told to do, but he’s a straight man after all and he’s used to fucking holes. He’s just never fucked a guy before. But Diego offers him his tight ass, and it really does look tight, and soon Tom Faulk is dominating him, drilling down from above and getting his first taste of man-ass. The fuck session goes on: sideways on the couch, doggy style, with Tom grabbing Diego’s hips as he speeds up and drills deeper and harder. The sounds of man flesh slapping man fill the room, the guys grunt and gasp in that masculine way, and Diego calls out when Tom really pushes in deep until he finally gets a face full of cum from Tom Faulk. Tthen Diego Vena jerks off to finish himself, Tom and us off. Well, if you ask me, that’s the best therapy a man can get.