May 16 2014

School Trip with Tom Faulk And Ricky Decker

Ricky Decker makes his first outing into the world of porn with a blast of a show at Big Dicks At School. That’s the site that this movie comes from and, titled School Trip, it sees one of or horny students, Tom Faulk, on an away match trip with the hots for his coach, played by dark and sexy Ricky. He’s a cut top with a weighty eight inches hanging between his legs, he’s got a Latin appearance with dark hair, stands nearly six feet tall and is going to be complete hit for this site.
The story is a basic one: Tom has a crush on his coach, and the coach isn’t sure about it. They’ve talked about it, it’s not appropriate and it shouldn’t happen. But when Tom more or less forces his way into Ricky’s hotel room and demands they do something, well, even the coach is a unable to resist. Tom is in his football gear but that doesn’t stay on for very long. He grabs his coach, kisses him, Ricky tries to fight back but all too soon his cock is out, his student’s lips are around it and he has to admit to himself that this feels good. He tells his student that no one must know about this but Tom Faulk can’t reply; his mouth is too full of manly, meaty cock.

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Both guys get naked and the coach starts on the student’s cock. He really gives in to his pleasure, he really gets in to this other guy and, around half way through the unexpected happens. Normally in these kinds of scenarios the student wants to get fucked by the coach and the older man takes the younger one; here it is the other way around. The coach wants student dick and the Quarterback obliges on the bed. Tom slowly penetrates Ricky, who clearly loves it judging by the sounds he makes, and a good, long, hardcore fuck session starts up.

It starts up and carries on for a good long time. There’s a great moment when Ricky is sitting on Tom’s dick and his own is half-hard and bouncing around, you get to see all of his dark body as he gets drilled by white cock from underneath. The light into dark continues until you think no one can hold back any longer, and then it continues some more and gets harder and deeper until Ricky finally shoots a great load over his flat stomach, soon to be followed by Tom’s jizz. And even at the end, coach is insisting they don’t talk to anyone about this. Well, sorry coach, I’m telling everyone – it’s a great scene, and a gloriously gooey debut from Ricky Decker. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.