Jun 23 2014

Men For Sale Part 2 with Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth

Do you remember Men For Sale part one, from Drill My Hole? We looked at that a few days ago. It’s anew story and one that is about two guys, one of whom goes missing right in the middle of a missing persons/human trafficking scare in the big city. The city is, I think, New York, as this set of hot hardcore scenes from the USA company Men.com. In this episode we have Jarec Wentworth making his second appearance for the company alongside Tom Faulk who is making his 24th. I was interested to see that sample shot on the stream inside the site as it showed Tom getting his ass drilled, a treat we’ve not had since Virgin Hunter (part 3) about a month ago.

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The first part of Men for Sale was pretty gripping, in terms of story as well as the sex, so I was interested to see how part two measured up. We’d ended on a scene where Jarec’s lover (Jimmy Fanz) had been on the phone with him, and then there had been heard the sounds of a scuffle. It sounded like Jarec’s BF has been snatched. Part two opens with Jarec on the phone to the police. It’s been four days and still no news so Jarec has called in Tom to help him track down Jimmy. Tom has somehow set them up with radios and police IDs and the two guys go out on the streets to start their search. So far you might be wondering where the sex comes in to all of this, but believe me it does. These guys are masters of weaving intriguing stories in with horny hardcore and in a few minutes into this scene we find Jarec captured and being sold into white slavery where he is bought by Tom. (Twist one.)

And that’s where the fun starts. These two are now undercover and there are cameras in the room so that’s why they have to play out the sex scene that follows. And in it we have Jarec taking the lead, stripping sexy Tom down to nothing but his boner and then getting his hard cock deep down his throat. Tom repays the favour with some deep throat action of his own and the two guys indulge in a suck-fest that is filmed from all angles, getting us nice an close in to the action. The camera is also in there on the hairy ass rimming too as Jarec gets Tom’s hole ready for his rigid dick. Check Out Jarec Wentworth officle blog – click here

DMH has really got into long and deep rimming sessions recently and this is another perfect one, you can just about feel exactly what is going on, and your own hole starts to twitch with anticipation as this guy works his tongue around and in and out… And so it leads into the anal section which I won’t spoil for you, and the cum shots which you just have to go and see for yourself. And then there’s the twist (number two) at the end of the scene where… No, I will stop now, go and catch this movie, that’s all there is to it.