Feb 24 2015

Bump! Part 1

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and that’s one of the reasons we like Big Dicks At School. This site, and others from the gay men network, is always adding new and hot guys to its cast list. This time, in at the start of a new series, we have Owen Michaels making his first appearance for the hottest site from the hottest network. He’s a cut top with an eight inch dick, and he’s got two identical tattoos on his upper body; two stars. Does that mean this new boy at the college of cock is only going to get a two star rating? We’ll have to watch the scene and find out.
tom faulk
It’s called Bump (part one) and also features relative newcomer Colt Rivers and the 27th appearance from horny blonde boy Tom Faulk. It starts off outside the college on the handball court where Owen and Tom are practising when Colt comes along to give some tips. These are fit, smooth, sexy guys, but soon it’s time to call it a day and hit the showers. Owen, stocky and cute in an innocent, amateur kind of way, is clearly turned on by the sight of Tom stripping down before his shower. He does that hot thing where he grabs his cock through his shorts as he looks the other guy up and down. Tom catches on and very soon the two sportsmen are getting it together right there in the locker room.

Owen earns his first star by working Tom’s cock with his lips and mouth, sucking his shaft right down and deep-throating him, making Tom groan in pleasure. The guys move to the shower and the sucking continues. Water runs down over Owen’s sweet lips as he slides his mouth up and down over that shaft. At the same time he’s now naked, wet and hard, and is sliding his own wet fingers up and down his thick cock. A cock the Tom is keen to have a blow on and so gets down on his team mate. This oral dream goes on under the shower for glorious minute after glorious minute until Tom lets our new top-on-the-block into his ass.

Judging by the sounds Tom is making, Owen earns his second star from the way he fucks ass. It feels so good for Tom he lets him fuck him up against the wall and then over on his back on the locker room bench. Owen has him upside-down when we pull back to reveal that Colt is now naked in the passageway and stroking his own boner. There’s a wonderfully voyeuristic feel to the end of this scene and the cum shots. And it is in the final cum shot the Owen earns his other three stars (you’ll see). This new guy gives a five star performance for sure and the scene itself scores top marks from me. Check out more gay men videos at http://www.guyalert.com/

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