Sep 24 2014

Swingers Part 2

Remember part one of Swingers, the ‘sex at the golf club’ series from Drill My Hole? Well, here’s part two, and you don’t have to have watched part one to get the idea of what’s going on. Hunky guys play golf, and then hang out in the clubhouse afterwards. Or, in this case, the washroom where hunky Tom Faulk is taking a leak after his round. But then in comes studly Bennett Anthony the new redhead guy to join the sex team. He’s feeling pretty horny right at the start of this scene and seeing Tom’s ass in his tight pants just about pushes all the right buttons, so here’s very little lead up before the swinging starts.

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The guys kiss right there by the urinals, and they start groping each other’s wood through their pants. I’m not going to overdo the golf puns, we did that last time. This scene kicks right into touch though, right form the word go with Bennett dropping to his knees, dropping Tom’s pants and then gobbling down his seven inches of cut meat. There’s some great deep-throating action here, good camera angles and nice atmosphere. After a few minutes the guys swap around and if you like the sight of redhead dick with low hanging balls being sucked good and long, then you’re going to love this scene.

Tom is topless, Bennett gets undressed and starts fucking his mouth a bit harder. Then Tom’s bent over the sink and Bennett is rubbing his face between his ass cheeks and burying his head right in there, his tongue rimming out the other’s guy’s puckered, tight hole. He’s pulling on Tom’s cock, licking his nuts from behind and getting the other guy steamed up and desperate for something more, and firmer, in that tight ass of his. And Tom gets it, right there in the washroom, over the sinks, he gets Bennett’s hard dick penetrating deep and for a long time.

Those hairy redhead balls slap around as he pummels in and out of Tom Faulk’s ass as the guys are in front of the mirror, so we get to see both angles at once. Then there’s some switch-around and Tom is sitting on Bennett’s cock, his bubble butt ass cheeks perfectly round, and that cock perfectly hard, driving in as Tom slides up and down, facing Bennett, then facing to the side, which is a position you don’t see very often. The guys end up jerking off on each other in the stall. It’s another well made, well put together scene from Drill My Hole, though where the golf comes in, well, it doesn’t matter actually, this swinging scene still rocks.