Jan 06 2014

Hardcore gay porn between Connor Kline and Tom Faulk

Surfer dude meets muscled guys with tattoos and shaved head. You know, the great thing about Men.com is that they know how to get to the point. Some movies you see spend hours getting to the good parts, but every now and then you don’t want all that build up, you just want to see good old fantasy sex and you want to see it start straight away. Well, this movie almost does that. I mean, after all, there needs to be a bit of background. In this case it’s two guys in their dorm, where the Homance series is set, and they’re talking about how much sex this particular campus offers them. ‘Yeah, like the sexy surfer dude I fucked last night.’

Cut to: two guys meeting outside the gym, ‘Before I knew it I was fucking him.’ Cut to: upstairs later, and after only a couple of minutes, surfer-dud Tom Faulk is sucking on the ever-hard cut cock of hunky Connor Kline and we’re off into hardcore fantasy land. Except, being a well shot, excellent quality Men.com scene, the sex is real, natural and totally load blowing.

Tom sucks Connor for a good length of time before getting his own good length sucked in return. You can actually hear Connor gag at times he’s swallowing it so far down his throat. There’s some more swapping about and Connor really face-fucks the blonde guy and we get nice close ups of his rigid shaft and his tightening nuts. He’s got nicely trimmed pubes as well, always a bit of a turn on. Although Tom moves on to rim Connor’s ass, it’s Tom’s smooth butt that gets a dick in it. He’s pretty tight and it takes some pounding over the leather settee to get him really loosened up, but he’s worth the effort and is so completely into being fucked by another guy.

Tom Faulk Porno Underwear 2

After twenty minutes of this kind of brilliant hardcore you’re ready to shoot along with the guys, and Connor gives you a great load to join in with. It covers Tom’s cute face and his jizz drips down his neck.

Cut to: back in the dorm room and Mike says, ‘you think that’s good, I've got a story for you…’ Check out part one first and then get yourself ready for the on-going Homance adventures.

Dec 19 2013

Tom Faulk Groupsex

You might already have seen the earlier two parts to this college dorm themed story, but if not, no worries as you get all the high octane hardcore you want from this sexy three-way. Homance is a story about housemates, Home and Romance combined I guess. In this case its starts off with shaved headed Connor Kline and cute and natural boy-next-door Mike De Marko chatting about a previous sex session (and Connor stroking his hard cock trough his silky shorts; you nearly blow your load just watching that!). Then blonde muscle guy Tom Faulk, locked out of his own room after a shower, takes up a seat to pass the time.

I bet you’ve had one of those fantasies where you get two guys working on your cock at the same time, I mean, who hasn’t? Well, for Tom that comes true right here. He’s a bit reluctant at first, but not for long, and he’s soon got one roommate working his shaft and the other slurping on his nuts. Tom really gets into the swing of things when he starts sucking on Connor’s long, cut shaft and Mike (the most boyish of the three) takes the lead as suck-master by kneeling between both hard dicks at once and giving them both a mouth massage.

Mike soon plays perfect bottom boy as his ass gets well shafted by Tom as he’s spit-roasted between a cock and a hard place, Connor’s eight inches. Our two tops turnabout and swap places, Connor now drilling Mike’s ass. It’s all getting really hot and close to climax and we’re still only half the way through his amazing scene. I mean how long can they keep this up?

Tom Faulk Group Sex

For more or less a full 25 minutes as it turns out, while Tom drills Mike’s ass and Mike jerks himself with Connor’s big cock in his throat. I mean this is a wild three-way with great close-ups and long shots; it is like you are right there in the action yourself. And when Mike busts his nuts you wonder if he will ever stop. As if he hasn’t covered himself enough with his own juice, his hairy chest then gets covered with two loads from his roommates.

As Tom says, this is the craziest fucking dorm in the whole place and it’s one I want to go and live in!