Jan 12 2015

Tour Of Duty Part 5

Porn star Tom Faulk is pretty evenly matched when it comes to setting him up against Topher DiMaggio, at least he is in terms of experience. Tom started off, with Men.com, back in 2013 and has since made 33 scenes for them, so he appears pretty regularly on the network. His first movie had the unlikely title of ‘Tales of the traveling underwear, part three’, and his latest movie is also a ‘part’ though this time it’s ‘Tour of Duty part five.’ And in it he appears with Topher DiMaggio.

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Now, Topher has made 44 scenes for the company and started off there in 2012, so you could say Topher has the upper hand on Tom. But I still say they are evenly matched, Tom is versatile and often plays bottom, so here he can easily play power-bottom to Topher’s usual top. Topher DiMaggio has an eight and a half inch cut dick with which to pound the ass off Tom, but Tom matched up nicely with a seven inch boner; but who is counting inches when there is so much else to see in this hot scene?

It opens in the same bunker where the other four military themed scenes have taken place, and where the guys are being ordered to get ready move out. The Sarge has already left, leaving the two younger soldiers to hang out and wait to see what happens next, and it is not long before sex starts to rear its wonderful head. Within minutes the guys are kissing, and feeling each other up through their camouflage gear. The tops come off, revealing smooth chests, muscled bodies, and Faulk’s tattoos. Topher is already hard in his pants so Tom gets down and releases his eight and half incher, gripping it tough and hard and working it into his mouth where Topher face-fucks him mightily.

The two soldiers strip some more, but keep some of their gear on, which makes this hot scene even hornier, and some hard sucking takes place from both guys. But Topher wants a bottom guy to be a bottom guy and gets Tom down on the camp bed, his legs in the air, his boots still on and, with his long cock poking out through the fly of his army pants he fucks Faulk’s ass like there was no tomorrow. He makes good use of that willing ass in many ways through the next ten minutes of the scene and the bunker soon rings out to the sounds of two hunks shooting their loads.

Tour Of Duty (5) is another great scene and brings us to sizzling performances; one from the blonde and studly Tom and the other from the dark and handsome Topher DiMaggio. It’s another scene from Drill My Hole that you won’t want to miss.

Oct 22 2014

Central Park Cruising Part 3

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Sometimes you want your porn movie to just start; none of that long build up, none of that storytelling and scene setting. Well, that’s kind of what happens here in Central Part Cruising Part 3. I say kind of because there is a short set-up, two hunky guys in the park, meeting, heading home and then, within a minute, they are kissing and the sex has started with some habeas, tough-guy foreplay. Well, not that kind of rough and tough, but the guys are.

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Here we’ve got the ever butch Dirk Caber playing alongside and with the ‘hunkier by the week’ Tom Faulk. This is Tom’s 35th appearence for Men.com and regular readers will know his name from other series, such as Tour Of Duty, Daddy’s Workplace and Swingers. And you’ll also recognise Dirk of course, I mean, I saw him only yesterday in the Stepfather’s Secret series, this guy must have balls that never drain the amount of scenes he has been in recently. This is his 16th for the company and it’s another hot and manly scene for Drill My Hole.

After the guys have kissed a bit they start down on the going down and the suck session starts with Tom working Dirk’s seven inches. Dirk is salt and pepper and often plays as the ‘dad’ in scenes and although Tom is hunky and tough himself, he is slightly younger looking. This isn’t one of those ‘older/younger’ scenes though, if you’re after that then head over to the site, sign up and look out the Stepfather series; this is more of a ‘two hot guys pick up and fuck’ scene.

It’s a scene where horny older Dirk Caber gets to do what he wants with his smoother younger Tom Faulk. First he gets a blow job from the guy and then he rims his ass out some. Quite a lot of some actually, and quite a lot of rimming. Then he gets to suck on his boy’s cock a while, giving back to Tom some of the oral pleasure he gave him just now. The guys 69 a bit, and then Dirk gets his pleasure from sitting on Tom’s cock. Ah ha! And you thought this was going to be your typical older fucks younger scene. I told you it was about two guys picking up, and two versatile guys too so after Tom’s fucked Dirk, Dirk Caber fucks Tom Faulk, the guys switch about and we get the best of both worlds, as do they.

Were also get two noisy, manly cum shots and I tell you something; if this is what happens when you go walking in Central Park, I’m on the next Greyhound bus outta here.

Sep 24 2014

Swingers Part 2

Remember part one of Swingers, the ‘sex at the golf club’ series from Drill My Hole? Well, here’s part two, and you don’t have to have watched part one to get the idea of what’s going on. Hunky guys play golf, and then hang out in the clubhouse afterwards. Or, in this case, the washroom where hunky Tom Faulk is taking a leak after his round. But then in comes studly Bennett Anthony the new redhead guy to join the Men.com sex team. He’s feeling pretty horny right at the start of this scene and seeing Tom’s ass in his tight pants just about pushes all the right buttons, so here’s very little lead up before the swinging starts.

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The guys kiss right there by the urinals, and they start groping each other’s wood through their pants. I’m not going to overdo the golf puns, we did that last time. This scene kicks right into touch though, right form the word go with Bennett dropping to his knees, dropping Tom’s pants and then gobbling down his seven inches of cut meat. There’s some great deep-throating action here, good camera angles and nice atmosphere. After a few minutes the guys swap around and if you like the sight of redhead dick with low hanging balls being sucked good and long, then you’re going to love this scene.

Tom is topless, Bennett gets undressed and starts fucking his mouth a bit harder. Then Tom’s bent over the sink and Bennett is rubbing his face between his ass cheeks and burying his head right in there, his tongue rimming out the other’s guy’s puckered, tight hole. He’s pulling on Tom’s cock, licking his nuts from behind and getting the other guy steamed up and desperate for something more, and firmer, in that tight ass of his. And Tom gets it, right there in the washroom, over the sinks, he gets Bennett’s hard dick penetrating deep and for a long time.

Those hairy redhead balls slap around as he pummels in and out of Tom Faulk’s ass as the guys are in front of the mirror, so we get to see both angles at once. Then there’s some switch-around and Tom is sitting on Bennett’s cock, his bubble butt ass cheeks perfectly round, and that cock perfectly hard, driving in as Tom slides up and down, facing Bennett, then facing to the side, which is a position you don’t see very often. The guys end up jerking off on each other in the stall. It’s another well made, well put together scene from Drill My Hole, though where the golf comes in, well, it doesn’t matter actually, this swinging scene still rocks.

Jun 23 2014

Men For Sale Part 2 with Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth

Do you remember Men For Sale part one, from Drill My Hole? We looked at that a few days ago. It’s anew story and one that is about two guys, one of whom goes missing right in the middle of a missing persons/human trafficking scare in the big city. The city is, I think, New York, as this set of hot hardcore scenes from the USA company Men.com. In this episode we have Jarec Wentworth making his second appearance for the company alongside Tom Faulk who is making his 24th. I was interested to see that sample shot on the stream inside the site as it showed Tom getting his ass drilled, a treat we’ve not had since Virgin Hunter (part 3) about a month ago.

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The first part of Men for Sale was pretty gripping, in terms of story as well as the sex, so I was interested to see how part two measured up. We’d ended on a scene where Jarec’s lover (Jimmy Fanz) had been on the phone with him, and then there had been heard the sounds of a scuffle. It sounded like Jarec’s BF has been snatched. Part two opens with Jarec on the phone to the police. It’s been four days and still no news so Jarec has called in Tom to help him track down Jimmy. Tom has somehow set them up with radios and police IDs and the two guys go out on the streets to start their search. So far you might be wondering where the sex comes in to all of this, but believe me it does. These guys are masters of weaving intriguing stories in with horny hardcore and in a few minutes into this scene we find Jarec captured and being sold into white slavery where he is bought by Tom. (Twist one.)

And that’s where the fun starts. These two are now undercover and there are cameras in the room so that’s why they have to play out the sex scene that follows. And in it we have Jarec taking the lead, stripping sexy Tom down to nothing but his boner and then getting his hard cock deep down his throat. Tom repays the favour with some deep throat action of his own and the two guys indulge in a suck-fest that is filmed from all angles, getting us nice an close in to the action. The camera is also in there on the hairy ass rimming too as Jarec gets Tom’s hole ready for his rigid dick. Check Out Jarec Wentworth officle blog – click here

DMH has really got into long and deep rimming sessions recently and this is another perfect one, you can just about feel exactly what is going on, and your own hole starts to twitch with anticipation as this guy works his tongue around and in and out… And so it leads into the anal section which I won’t spoil for you, and the cum shots which you just have to go and see for yourself. And then there’s the twist (number two) at the end of the scene where… No, I will stop now, go and catch this movie, that’s all there is to it.

Mar 04 2014

Johnny Rapid making a new scene with Tom And Jack Radley

Personal Porno is another hot scene from Drill My Hole, one of the amazing Men.com sites. Here we’ve got dusty blonde stud Tom Faulk and well-hung twink Jack Radley hanging out at home. There’s a really nice opening scene when you get to know the porn stars, as three twinks chat and hang out. That’s another great thing about these scenes generally, they not only have hot twink and jock models, they have natural porn scenes and stories. And in this one it’s all about home filming; first time on gay porn cam for Jack and Tom as their buddy gets them to make their own porn flick at home.

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So, whith Johnny Rapid behind the camera and two hot bodies in front of it, it’s not going to be long before things really heat up and get going. Jack and Tom don’t take much persuading to get together and start kissing, and within minutes their hardons are bulging out of their tight jeans. Tom strips off first, giving us a taste of his lush, smooth body and muscles and cute, preppie Jack is soon going down on his cut shaft. Time to switch about and versatile bottom, Jack, soon has his eight inches out and banging away at Tom’s throat as the camera rolls.

Johnny on the camera encourages them on, telling them to talk and talk dirty as the suck-fest continues. We get to see long shots and shots from the hand held as well as the sounds rack up in volume and smooth-ass Jack sits on Tom’s shaft. It’s all about getting in close now and listening to the boys make out as the fucking starts in earnest. For me the sexiest parts come when Jack is riding Tom’s cock and his own long meat is flapping around, half-soft in his crotch, his nuts tightening up and getting ready to shoot.

Tom takes him hard from behind slipping straight into Jack’s well-used hole over the sofa, he slaps his ass cheeks and gets in deep, drilling in and out until he feels himself about to cum. Then he whips his cock out and Jack gets his mouth open, ready to swallow as much of that juice as he can. Jack then teases Tom’s wet and sensitive cock some more before emptying is own nuts. And all the time the camera is rolling and all the time you’ll find your hand straying to your own stiffening cock. Another great exclusive scene from Drill My Hole that’s not to be missed.

Jan 24 2014

Tom Faulk fucking shirtless Jake Wilder

Once a shirtless man such as Jake Wilder presents itself at the back windowpane scrubbing himself wrongly, what should you do? You fuck the dude hard. Tom Faulk glided him upwards so he was not any longer curved on the table. He was then stand up and Tom pressed him up against the blackboard. However fully clothed aside from his jeans pulled down slightly, Tom began screwing him as rapidly and as painful as he could. Faulk jammed his fingertips inside his mouth for him to blow on. His lips began affectionately petting him on the back. Tom pressed his cock even further and deep inside of him as it could go.

Tom Faulk The Rear Window