Jan 30 2015


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‘Awakening from ‘Gods Of Men’ is one of those sweet kinds of hardcore movies. It’s how most of us would like to be woken up; with your lover by your side with a sweet smile… and a raging hard on, especially if that lover happens to be Tom Faulk or Logan Blake.

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This is Logan Blake’s debut movie with Men.com. He has a real God’s body, and looks as if he spends a lot of time in the gym. He has short cropped brown hair with sparkling green eyes. He is six foot tall with a seven inch, cut, cock. He says he is a versatile top, but as this is his first movie, we have yet to see his assed being pierced. He is most certainly somebody you would love to wake up to next to.

Tom Faulk, on the other hand, is becoming quite an old hand at this, even though he is still young and still looks as fresh, and as cute, as when he first started in the industry. Tom Faulk has been in 41 different flicks so far. For those new to this particular ‘best sites in porn’ scene: Tom’s most recent two movies are ‘Down Low part 4’ with Brenner Bolton and Jason Maddox, and ‘Morning Bliss’, where Tom fucked the sweet-tight ass of Mike De Marko. He has blond hair, green eyes, is versatile and has a seven inch cut cock. He is a dream kind of guy with a smooth chest, and a few tattoos. (You can tell we like him!)
So, the movie starts with these two good looking men waking up in bed next to each other. Tom Faulk looks up into Logan Blake’s green eyes and smiles seductively up at him. Logan smiles back and they start to kiss. Tom’s hand strokes Logan’s hard cock through the small briefs he is wearing. Their kissing becomes more passionate and Tom kneels up and positions himself between Logan’s powerful thighs. Pulling his briefs off, he bend over and takes Logan’s morning glory straight into his willing and open mouth. Tom spits on his cock and rubs it up and down all over his pierced ball sack.

Logan returns the favour by kissing Tom’s smooth chest and working his way down. He massages Tom’s balls his warm hand and takes his cock all the way to the back of his throat. Better things follow in this great scene; Tom pulls his legs up and we get a close up as Logan sucks one ball at a time between his wet lips. Tom turns over as Logan now spits between those muscular golden globes and darts his tongue deeper and deeper into his tight crack. Logan then kisses him all the way up his back as he easies his condom covered cock into his tight fuckable asshole.
Sweat pours down their foreheads and then down their hot bodies as Logan Blake fucks Tom Faulk’s sweet ass in different positions before Tom lies on his back and spreads his legs. They carry on kissing even when Logan’s hard cock is deeply fucking him until they can’t hold back any longer. Tom Faulk jerks his cock faster and faster, biting on to his lip he sends his jizz flying onto his chest and stomach. Logan Blake pulls his cock out of Tom’s ass, and just after a few strokes, his body physically jerks and his jizz spurts out, joining Tom’s all over his stomach. Like I said, definitely the best way in the world to wake up.