Mar 17 2014

Tom Faulk Group Sex

It will be heading further into the evening hours and the lights are low in the college locker-room shower stall, but Dark-skinned Jack King is stroking his thick, nine inch long raging hard-on with his hand and a container of soap for lube. His balls are rocking back and forth. It’s clear that Jack needs to experience some relief and let his massive load of cum explode out of his throbbing cock – and soon.

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As Johnny continues stroking and massaging his own gigantic member, he believes that he’s totally alone, but handsome and muscular Johnny Rapid has snuck in and has been watching in lust as Jack continues to massage his soapy cock and balls. Johnny feels his own member swell up between his leg and his tight jean shorts.
Johnny’s dick continues to grow as he watches jack fondle himself; he can feel the heat of his own cock against his leg and his mouth begins to salivate from the thought of Jack’s giant cock sliding down his wet throat. He also begins to fantasize about licking Jacks clean, tight asshole before slipping a finger, and then his hard cock, deep inside his hot, sweet love-hole until he fills it with cum, feeling it’s warmness drip from the underside of his cock and balls.

As Johnny slips into the shower behind Jack, he slides his hand around his waist and takes the huge, soapy cock into his hands and begins to stroke all the way from the base of the cock up and around the tip. Jack begins to shudder and even shake a bit as Johnny continues to stroke the hard dick expertly. After a couple minutes, Johnny finally slides around, faces he gigantic cock, and places it upon his tongue and slides it into his mouth and then all the way down his throat until his nose pressed against Jacks lower stomach and he could feel the hard cock pulsating against the walls of his throat.
Soon Tom Faulk hears the moaning and enters the shower himself. Soon the three boys are sliding hard dicks into tight assholes. Soon both boys explode their loads of cum onto Johnny’s face and he licks up what he can. Then they cleaned each other off with soapy water as each boy fantasized about their next encounter together.