Mar 04 2014

Johnny Rapid making a new scene with Tom And Jack Radley

Personal Porno is another hot scene from Drill My Hole, one of the amazing sites. Here we’ve got dusty blonde stud Tom Faulk and well-hung twink Jack Radley hanging out at home. There’s a really nice opening scene when you get to know the porn stars, as three twinks chat and hang out. That’s another great thing about these scenes generally, they not only have hot twink and jock models, they have natural porn scenes and stories. And in this one it’s all about home filming; first time on gay porn cam for Jack and Tom as their buddy gets them to make their own porn flick at home.

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So, whith Johnny Rapid behind the camera and two hot bodies in front of it, it’s not going to be long before things really heat up and get going. Jack and Tom don’t take much persuading to get together and start kissing, and within minutes their hardons are bulging out of their tight jeans. Tom strips off first, giving us a taste of his lush, smooth body and muscles and cute, preppie Jack is soon going down on his cut shaft. Time to switch about and versatile bottom, Jack, soon has his eight inches out and banging away at Tom’s throat as the camera rolls.

Johnny on the camera encourages them on, telling them to talk and talk dirty as the suck-fest continues. We get to see long shots and shots from the hand held as well as the sounds rack up in volume and smooth-ass Jack sits on Tom’s shaft. It’s all about getting in close now and listening to the boys make out as the fucking starts in earnest. For me the sexiest parts come when Jack is riding Tom’s cock and his own long meat is flapping around, half-soft in his crotch, his nuts tightening up and getting ready to shoot.

Tom takes him hard from behind slipping straight into Jack’s well-used hole over the sofa, he slaps his ass cheeks and gets in deep, drilling in and out until he feels himself about to cum. Then he whips his cock out and Jack gets his mouth open, ready to swallow as much of that juice as he can. Jack then teases Tom’s wet and sensitive cock some more before emptying is own nuts. And all the time the camera is rolling and all the time you’ll find your hand straying to your own stiffening cock. Another great exclusive scene from Drill My Hole that’s not to be missed.