Feb 26 2014

Team USA with Tom Faulk – Gay Orgy Video

Just imagine five of Men.com’s toughest hunks striping down and fucking like rabbits in the locker room after ice hockey practice. How thumping is that scene going to be? Well, you don’t have it imagine any longer. In Team USA (part 3) we’ve got the likes of sexy, smooth, dark, moody and cut Asher Hawk teamed up with cutsie and preppie Jake Wilder in a five-some locker room scene that lives out all our wildest jock fantasies.

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The scene opens with the guys playing ice hockey and then quickly moves to the locker room. There’s no great development to this story. As they start to undress, someone catches sight of someone else’s smooth ass in a jock strap and a comment is made. That’s enough to get these guys unwinding after a hard game on the ice and within a few minutes Asher is servicing both Jake Wilder and Travis James one cock at a time. Meanwhile dusty blonde hunk Tom Faulk is getting to know mysterious and bearded Jaxton Wheeler a bit better. Jaxton is the hair-bear of the bunch, though slim and muscled he’s got this light covering of fur which gives him his dark and moody appearance.
But this is a team game and it is not long before all five guys are taking turns to blow each other, some still in half their hockey gear, others still in the jock straps. This is one long blow-job-fest that runs on for mouth pounding minute after minute until, at around half way through, Jaxton gets the anal action started by taking Travis up against the lockers. This sets the others off and Asher is soon squatting on Tom’s cut seven inches. The locker room starts to fill with the sound of man flesh on flesh and gasps of ecstasy as we get in close to the action. The camera flits between the two main areas of anal fucking as a threesome develops on the bench and two guys carry on fucking up against the lockers.
The highlights start when Ahser gets physically lifted on and off a hard shaft, then gets flipped onto his back and the others take turns in ramming his cute ass. Asher is singled out to be the lucky recipient of the jizz too, as the cluster fuck turns into a circle jerk and four hunky hockey jocks unload their jizz over his chest tattoo. The guys are finally satisfied, just like you will be, and we can all go and hit the showers.

Jan 24 2014

Tom Faulk fucking shirtless Jake Wilder

Once a shirtless man such as Jake Wilder presents itself at the back windowpane scrubbing himself wrongly, what should you do? You fuck the dude hard. Tom Faulk glided him upwards so he was not any longer curved on the table. He was then stand up and Tom pressed him up against the blackboard. However fully clothed aside from his jeans pulled down slightly, Tom began screwing him as rapidly and as painful as he could. Faulk jammed his fingertips inside his mouth for him to blow on. His lips began affectionately petting him on the back. Tom pressed his cock even further and deep inside of him as it could go.

Tom Faulk The Rear Window