Jan 12 2015

Tour Of Duty Part 5

Porn star Tom Faulk is pretty evenly matched when it comes to setting him up against Topher DiMaggio, at least he is in terms of experience. Tom started off, with Men.com, back in 2013 and has since made 33 scenes for them, so he appears pretty regularly on the network. His first movie had the unlikely title of ‘Tales of the traveling underwear, part three’, and his latest movie is also a ‘part’ though this time it’s ‘Tour of Duty part five.’ And in it he appears with Topher DiMaggio.

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Now, Topher has made 44 scenes for the company and started off there in 2012, so you could say Topher has the upper hand on Tom. But I still say they are evenly matched, Tom is versatile and often plays bottom, so here he can easily play power-bottom to Topher’s usual top. Topher DiMaggio has an eight and a half inch cut dick with which to pound the ass off Tom, but Tom matched up nicely with a seven inch boner; but who is counting inches when there is so much else to see in this hot scene?

It opens in the same bunker where the other four military themed scenes have taken place, and where the guys are being ordered to get ready move out. The Sarge has already left, leaving the two younger soldiers to hang out and wait to see what happens next, and it is not long before sex starts to rear its wonderful head. Within minutes the guys are kissing, and feeling each other up through their camouflage gear. The tops come off, revealing smooth chests, muscled bodies, and Faulk’s tattoos. Topher is already hard in his pants so Tom gets down and releases his eight and half incher, gripping it tough and hard and working it into his mouth where Topher face-fucks him mightily.

The two soldiers strip some more, but keep some of their gear on, which makes this hot scene even hornier, and some hard sucking takes place from both guys. But Topher wants a bottom guy to be a bottom guy and gets Tom down on the camp bed, his legs in the air, his boots still on and, with his long cock poking out through the fly of his army pants he fucks Faulk’s ass like there was no tomorrow. He makes good use of that willing ass in many ways through the next ten minutes of the scene and the bunker soon rings out to the sounds of two hunks shooting their loads.

Tour Of Duty (5) is another great scene and brings us to sizzling performances; one from the blonde and studly Tom and the other from the dark and handsome Topher DiMaggio. It’s another scene from Drill My Hole that you won’t want to miss.