Feb 12 2015

The Straight Man Part 1

‘Str8 To Gay’ is proud to bring you another great movie starring the hunky stud Tom Faulk. For those of you who don’t know Tom, here is your chance to find out more about him. He works exclusively for Men.com and is in hot demand all over the place. Being versatile gives him plenty of work in this industry especially with his horny tight ass and seven inch cut dick. He has blonde hair and cheeky green eyes. He likes to work out, and people like to watch him work out too. So far to date, Tom has been in 43 movie scenes with Men.com. Starting with ‘The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 2’ with Hunter Page back in July 2013 which has had an amazing 32,434 views so far. He also starred in ‘He Got Hot’ with Johnny Rapid, another exclusive actor for Men.com, which also had over 30,000 views.

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In this hardcore flick, Tom Faulk meets up with Conner Halstead. Unlike Tom, who is a known and seasoned porn actor, this is Conner Halstead’s introduction to the Str8 To Gay company. Just from looking at this cute young man, you just know he is going to do well. He has short cropped blond hair with baby blue eyes. He is a versatile top and has a lovely athletic body. He is six foot one with a seven and a half inch cock. He, like Tom, does have the most beautiful tight ass to lick, finger and fuck.

Tom Faulk is sitting playing his computer game, his gay dad comes in and tells him he is worried about him, and that isn’t it about time that he goes outside and meets a nice man? He is worried that Tom might actually like girls. ‘We hope not!’ I hear you all shout. Tom isn’t happy and walks out on him. Tom’s dad talks it over with his husband who tells him he knows of someone he thinks would get on really well with Tom, and they invite him around for dinner on a blind date.

Conner Halstead arrives and they all sit down for dinner. The dads try really hard to get these handsome young men together eventually suggesting that the boys go upstairs to Tom’s bedroom so that they can get to know each other better. In the bedroom they sit on the bed, and Tom admits to Conner Halstead that he is worried he may be hetero. Conner is more than surprised; he has never met a hetero before. (I love the concept of this new and exciting parallel world.) Tom then shocks Conner even more by saying he’s still a virgin. Conner is pleased; he knows there’s still time to save this poor man before he dips his wick into the other team. He suggests that Tom sits on the edge of the bed, and lets him suck on his cock, and to see how he feels about this. Tom agrees to this. (‘Yeah!! There is a god after all!’ I hear you shout.)
Tom Faulk pulls his pants down to his ankles and leans back resting his weight on his hands. Conner goes between his naked thighs and takes Tom’s virgin cock into his mouth. Conner knows what he is doing, and very quickly gets that sweet tasting dick hard in his wet mouth. Tom likes the feel of Conner’s hot mouth sliding all the way up and down his whole length. They get naked and Conner carries on giving Tom his first blow job.

Conner is the one in charge and tells Tom to suck on his cock. Tom worries that it won’t be so good, but takes Conner’s seven and a half inch dick into his mouth. One sniff of Conner’s cock makes him hungry for more. With greedy lips he devours it all the way to the back of his throat. Conner gets excited, especially when Tom takes his hairy balls into his mouth, one at a time.
Conner Halstead lies on his back and lifts his knees up letting Tom taste his musky crack. Tom Faulk doesn’t need to be told what to do now; he knows what he wants. He licks, and probes his asshole, getting it soaked with his saliva. Putting a condom on, he slides his cock all the way in, losing his virginity in that one second, and enjoying every minute.
Conner shoots his cum all over his smooth body as Tom carries on fucking him in different positions, until he can no longer hold back himself and shoots his all over Conner’s cute young face. Tom Faulk is a happy man, and so is Conner Halstead, knowing he has saved Tom from a fate worse than death.

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