Dec 23 2014

Tom Faulk breaks in Diego Vena

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Str8 To Gay start off their latest scene in an office, a kind of mix between their usual Str8 To Gay style and The Gay Office. Mind you, both top sites fall under the same company banner, as you know, so that’s no great surprise. It also starts off with the dark, tanned and horny Diego Vena typing away at his computer. After a moment there’s a knock at the door and Tom Faulk arrives, having boked an appointment with what seems to be his councillor. Tom’s your all American guy next door type, well, kind of guy next door who’s grown up a bit and seen something of the world. Dusty blonde, fit and chunky, a jock who’s moving towards being more of a muscle stud than your usual guy from down the street.

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Point is, he’s a good contrast to Diego Vena, and both of them seem to hit it off in terms of on-screen chemistry as the scene gets underway proper with some dialogue. Ah ha, it sounds like a marital guidance session as Tom, the straight guy, starts to explain that things aren’t working out with his wife and he is not getting enough sex. So, his advisor, Diego, has a think about it and says that his advice to a straight man who is not having enough sex is to have sex with another str8 to gay guy. What?! Tom’s a bit uncertain and slightly outraged about this suggestion, but if you’re getting dick sucked by another guy than it is not officially counted as cheating on your wife. Trust me I’m a… whatever Diego is.

So Tom agrees and Diego Vena gets down on his knees and undoes the straight guy’s pants. His cock is not hard as yet so some playful sucking, some good lip work and a few seconds later and Tom Faulk is as hard as a hard thing on Hard Thing Day, and settling into this new experience nicely. Diego pulls his pants right down and Tom puts his head back, going with it, enjoying the heat of another man’s mouth around his cock, his eyes closed, perhaps imagining that this is his wife. He gets so comfortable that he strips off his top, and throws off his trousers completely while allowing Diego Vena to strip down as well. He soon gets back to work on Tom’s cut seven inches taking it all in, right down to his balls, and we’re right in there in close-up; it is like being right there on the couch with these guys.
Tom Faulk gets persuaded to suck man cock. He’s there, this straight guy, going down on Diego Vena’s dick and deep throating it like he knew how to suck a cock all his life. He gets into it, hot and sweaty, and is now wound up and ready for anything . And that’s when he gets to move up a notch and fuck the ass off Diego Vena. He can hardly believe that this is what he’s being told to do, but he’s a straight man after all and he’s used to fucking holes. He’s just never fucked a guy before. But Diego offers him his tight ass, and it really does look tight, and soon Tom Faulk is dominating him, drilling down from above and getting his first taste of man-ass. The fuck session goes on: sideways on the couch, doggy style, with Tom grabbing Diego’s hips as he speeds up and drills deeper and harder. The sounds of man flesh slapping man fill the room, the guys grunt and gasp in that masculine way, and Diego calls out when Tom really pushes in deep until he finally gets a face full of cum from Tom Faulk. Tthen Diego Vena jerks off to finish himself, Tom and us off. Well, if you ask me, that’s the best therapy a man can get.

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